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Brac Facts
Beautiful by Nature

Animal Attraction  -  Native wildlife includes ground and tree frogs, iguanas (a threatened species), and a variety of smaller lizards, nonpoisonous snakes, butterflies, moths and bugs. Not to mention lots of birds...

The Brac in Bloom  -  Much of the bluff is covered with dry tropical forest, including trees of red birch, cedar and ironwood, all carrying flowering orchids in early summer. The vegetation of the eastern bluff and south bluff edge is dry shrubland intermingled with thatch palms, agave, cacti, jasmine and dwarf red birch. Seagrape, tropical almond and coconuts cover much of the south coastal shelf, with mangroves and wetland lagoons confined to the southwest. Cherry, tamarind, mango, naseberry, grapefruit and limes, coconut and papaya are cultivated. Orchids, rosemary and sea lavender add fragrance.

Calling Rock 'n' Hole Fans  -  The jagged cliffs at the eastern end of the bluff offer some of the world's most exciting rock climbing, with incredible views out to sea. Time and tide have carved into the limestone of the bluff, creating extensive (100+) cave systems and caverns. Peter's Cave is renowned as a hurricane refuge, and it, along with Bat Cave and the bluff face, are all home to seabirds like the Brown Booby. Great Cave is challenging, Rebecca's Cave and Skull Cave easier to access. Look in the caves for long-lost pirate gold and in the 30-million year old limestone crevices for semi-precious Caymanite, which is illegal to remove from the Islands.

Happy Trails  -  Public footpaths and hiking trails cross the island, with interpretive signs identifying bird and reptile habitats, flora and sites of scenic, geological and historic interest. Bring sturdy boots for hiking the rugged surface of the bluff and the coral pebbles of the ironstone, which merge memorably at Pollard's Bay. For more information on FREE tours visit our Plan Your Trip page.

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