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Another favored shallow dive site located off the North Shore of Cayman Brac. This site gets its name from a green moray eel often found hiding in one of the crevices here. Like most of the shallow reefs off the Brac, Charlie’s Reef is made up of the typical “spur and groove formations”. The depth at the mooring is about 18 feet, and if you then swim seaward through the sand chute adjacent to the mooring, a small Island of Coral will begin to appear down the centre of the chute. As you approach the coral you will see a crevice between it and the sand under it and this is where Charlie often makes his home. The spurs, or fingers of coral, lining the many sand chutes here are abundant with small marine life for those interested in macro photography. Swimming along the tops of the fingers you will encounter numerous schooling fish.


Located in the Jackson Bight area of Little Cayman, Bus Stop gets its name from an old school bus that used to be located on shore near the site. The boat mooring is on top of a mini wall which drops off to about 50 feet to a sandy area. If you cross the sand, going seaward, you will come to a very wide swim through, or tunnel. If you then enter the tunnel and follow it you will come out over the wall at about 80 feet. Reef Sharks are often seen off the wall at this site as is the occasional turtle. For those not wanting to venture that far, the top of both the main wall and the mini wall are abundant with marine life to be enjoyed by all.

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