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Little Cayman Diving

Diving Bloody Bay Wall off Little Cayman is a dream come true for many divers. The wall starts at only 18 feet from the surface so it is also an avid spot for snorkellers.

Although Bloody Bay is the main attraction for most divers visiting Little Cayman, the sites in Jackson's Bight are equally as exciting with the many tunnel systems and crevices to seek out in this area, both on the shallow reefs and out over the wall.

Eagle Rays and Sting Rays abound in the Sand Flats of numerous sites of Jackson's Bight while out over Bloody Bay it is not uncommon to see lobsters creeping and turtles cruising .

The site known as "Mixing Bowl", or 3 Fathom Wall, joins the dive sites of Jackson Bight with those of Bloody Bay. This site has some of the largest schools of fish and the most beautiful reef structure seen in the underwater world. The large crevice in the center of Mixing Bowl is the mark separating Bloody Bay from Jackson's Bight.

The more popular sites off Little Cayman are Mixing Bowl, Eagle Ray Roundup, The Chimneys, Marilyn's Cut, Hole in the Wall, Nancy's Cup of Tea, East and West Chute, and Cumber's Caves to name but a few.

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